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New Hosted Email Restrictions 2020

New email restrictions have been put in place to protect the integrity and performance of our hosted email system. These include measures to block spoofed / unauthenticated emails, and revised sending & receiving limits. Spoofed Email Prevention To limit the...

Exchange Email Settings

For step-by-step instructions on setting up your Hosted Exchange mailbox on a device, login here: This article will assist you with setting up your email client with your Hosted Exchange mailbox. You will need your server settings,...

Email Settings

This article gives a general overview of our server settings for devices that may require them (printers, copiers, scanners) as well as provide general guidance. NOTE: If you need help setting up a computer (such as Outlook) or mobile device, go to...

Resetting Your Email Password

If you've forgotten your password, please call 276-236-8226. Changing an Email Account Password Login into the webmail interface at: the settings icon in the top right (looks like three vertical lines, see below)In the dropdown click...

Managing Your Spam Filter

Go to with your email accountCheck the “Spam” folder for any messages that have been flaggedIf you see any legitimate non-spam messages in this folder, right click the message and click “Not Spam.”

Email Acceptable Use Policy

Professional Networks (PRONETS) forbids the sending of spam to any public forum or private email address. Spam is defined as any unwanted or unsolicited bulk email, commercial or otherwise. Customers who use their account to engage in the practice of spamming will be...

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