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Website Creation Packages

Our website packages offer great value! You get a custom-designed mobile-friendly website that you can change on your own, and we use our proven processes to set your website up for success.

Our packages include everything you need to get started:

  • Custom designed home page proofs
  • Logo (if needed)
  • Data entry to add your pages and products.
  • Contact & request a quote forms.
  • Online sales & appointments (if needed)
  • Search engine optimization and digital marketing support from our team of experts.

Get a Website Quote

Every website project is different, contact us and we'll get you a custom quote for building a site that is tailored to your business & industry.

Our team are certified and trained by industry leaders like Google Digital Garage and Yoast SEO.
We're also a GoDaddy Pro provider.
Zachary Tarvid-Richey successfully completed the Keyword research course!Zachary Tarvid-Richey successfully completed the Local SEO course!

Managed Wordpress Web Hosting

When you host your Wordpress site with us, we handle all of the maintenance & administration:

  • Daily website backups, so that if something ever goes wrong, we can restore your site.
  • Managed Wordpress and software updates, never worry about missing new features or security issues by letting us keep your Wordpress up-to-date.
  • Lightning-fast server-side caching, keep your visitors engaged with fast load times.
  • Website performance optimization & CDN setup, we'll minify, and setup your assets to load from a CDN, ensuring small fast-loading pages.
  • Wordfence security firewall, we prevent exploits & brute-force attacks with our Wordpress firewall setup.

Compare PRONETS hosting to GoDaddy.

Get a Web Hosting Quote

Every website is different, contact us and we'll get you a custom quote for hosting, managing, and maintaining your website.

Email Hosting

  • 1 GB storage per mailbox*
  • Easy-to-use webmail system with contact list, calendar, task list, notes, and instant messaging system
  • POP / IMAP support for adding mailbox to Outlook, your phone, and other email clients.
  • Powerful & effective spam filter with support for whitelisting / blacklisting domains
* Additional storage available for $1 / GB.

Domain Names

Let us register & maintain your domain name for you. We’ll manage the WHOIS records, ensuring they’re accurate & that you’re ICANN compliant, make sure it gets renewed every year –never lose your domain due to forgotten payment information– and setup the domain with our exclusive world-leading DNS servers.

Save by registering your domain for a longer time-period.

Web Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

All of our websites include an SEO pass to ensure they have the best chance of ranking well. However, if you are in a competitive industry or just need help getting more out of your website, we can help figure out a strategy to achieve your business goals.

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Advanced Search Engine Optimization Packages

Quarterly SEO checks are also available for a cost of $100 per quarter. We will audit your site each quarter and make sure it is performing well, if any changes need to be made we will reach out and consult you on what can be done to improve the site’s performance. Contact us to learn more.

Mass Emails with MailChimp

We can help you get setup to send mass emails via MailChimp, and track clicks and opens on those emails. Plus, we can craft templates that will let you send emails automatically with almost no work on your part.

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Content Development & Digital Marketing

Content is key. One powerful way to boost your site is fresh & frequent blog posts & page updates. We can manage posting & creation of content & graphics to your site. For example by posting press releases, marketing materials, or copy that you send us or from news feeds relevant to your industry.

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Other Services & Pricing

  • Email Setup
    • 1 mailbox – $12.50
    • Up to 5 mailboxes – $15
    • Over 5 mailboxes – $50 / hr.
  • Hosted Exchange – Contact us for pricing.
  • Office 365 – Contact us for pricing.
  • Static Web Hosting – $9.95 / mo.
  • DNS Hosting – $ 20 / year / domain name (included free with web or email hosting)
  • Domain Name Redirects – $20 one-time, we must manage the domain name
  • Website Training – $50 / hr.
  • Analytics Access – $25 setup fee