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A premium real estate website & lead generation system for just $500.

 We’re offering a premium real estate website with MLS search and lead generation tools powered by IDX Broker, great support, and reports that show you what’s working on your site. Through this we help you get more leads, and keep them engaged with your website and your brand, by offering a superior user-first experience.

Why pay for leads from Zillow, or elsewhere -and give them more data about your business- when you can generate them on your own?

Read on to learn more about our lead generation system, view our FAQ, and see examples.

Lead Generation System

You get our exclusive lead generation system with this offer. This is a holistic approach that works by offering superior user experience to organic & paid traffic.

Our Lead Generation System

Start with Eye Catching Design & Copy

  • Our designs tell your story and why you’re the right choice with your photos, logo, and an easy-to-use interface.
  • We provide copywriting services, and transform the information you provide us into compelling copy.
  • Great user experience keeps visitors engaged and on your site, which is the first step to turning them into a lead.

Provide Proof with Google / Facebook Reviews

  • Reviews & testimonials provide social proof to your visitors that you’re great at what you do!
  • We pull them to your website automatically, and can help you get more by adding a form to your website.
  • Getting a lead starts with building trust, reviews are great for that!

Provide Touchpoints with Automated Social Media

  • Every listing you get is autoposted to your social media. This keeps you front-of-mind with your followers and page visitors. Plus, it saves you time!
  • We can push listings to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pretty much wherever you and your audience might be.
  • Comparable solutions have a cost per-agent and per-month, your cost for this is just $80 / yr.

Show Your Featured Listings

  • Show that you’re a top producing agent by featuring your listings first.
  • As well this helps you get more leads for the homes you’re selling.
  • Plus you can even feature your sold listings.

Target Your Efforts With Community Pages

  • Engage visitors to explore listings in areas that you’re an expert in with professionally copywritten community pages.
  • These are also great for paid ads, since you can launch an ad that will target home buyers & sellers in specific cities and send them to your community page.

Engage Visitors with Powerful Search & IDX Tools

  • We offer Easy-to-use Omnibar search , map search, and more so visitors can search your entire MLS and contact you about any listing in the MLS.
  • By offering a great IDX experience, you build loyalty with your visitors. They can even sign up for an account which gets you their email address and lets them save listings!
  • We provide you a report on user behavior, which helps you determine which listing features (virtual tours, videos, etc.) tend to get you leads.

Engage Leads with Automatic Listing Emails

  • Visitors can sign up to save listings, get automatic email updates about new listings they might like, and more.
  • The account system is passwordless, so there is zero friction for your visitors, and no sensitive data is stored.
  • You get an email summary of lead activity on your website. This lets you see exactly what listings or areas your lead is looking at. So you can chime in and offer tailored advice.

Control Your Online Presence, User Experience, and Look

  • We offer a variety of designs & looks for you to choose from, and provide a proof for you to review. Your satisfaction comes first!
  • If you want something complely custom designed, we can do that too! Just ask us.
  • You’re completely in control of your presence online. Never is your success solely at the whims of an algorithm or the latest social media app.

Simplify Website Administration

  • Never worry about updating your website due to agent turnover, our solution can keep your Agents page up-to-date with info from your MLS. (Requires IDX Broker Platinum and MLS participation)
  • Your listings always get automatically pulled from your MLS
  • Your listings will feature an agent picture, bio, and contact information right on the listings!
  • Others listings will feature your contact info first.
  • Leads for your listings get routed to the listing agent.
  • You get monthly reports & regular emails from IDX Broker to help you keep an eye on how things are performing.

Made for Success with Industry-Leading Tools.

WordPress, Yoast SEO, and IDX Broker.

Premium WordPress Hosting & Support

WordPress is an industry-leading CMS that allows you to edit & add pages to your site with an easy interface. It powers what you see on your site.

Our premium WordPress hosting is fast & secure, includes monthly analytics reports, and we manage the software updates to keep your site running smoothly.

Plus if you ever need help, you can get direct support from our
5-star rated team for any questions you have.

Google Rating

Optimized with 

We’re certified in SEO and know how to set your site up for success in your market. Just ask us how it works, we’re happy to explain!

Zachary Tarvid-Richey successfully completed the Keyword research course! Zachary Tarvid-Richey successfully completed the Local SEO course! 

Powered By IDX Broker

IDX Broker is a premium solution for real estate websites. They handle integration with your MLS, search tools, lead generation, and much more! We’re a certified IDX Developer partner and provide 100% of the support for the solution.

Below are some pictures of one of IDX Broker’s desktop listing page styles, and broker dashboard.

Below are some pictures of one of IDX Broker’s mobile listing page styles, and broker dashboard.

Get Started

We’re happy to look at your current website (if you have one), review your analytics with you, answer any questions you have, and see if our offer is the right fit for you. If you’d like to know about pricing, or have other questions, scroll down for our FAQ.

Special offer: Even if you don’t take advantage of our services, we will send you a free digital marketing guide for realtors after your consultation.


What Does It Cost?

You pay two payments of $250, one at the project start, one once your site is live, $500 total, and then pay an ongoing web hosting & support fee of $30 / mo.

You also pay a service fee to IDX Broker, who provide the IDX, search, and a ton of other features on your website. This fee will vary based on how many agents you have, and whether you choose IDX Broker Lite or Platinum. A single agent can have their listings featured for $50 / mo., while featuring listings from 10 agents is $100 / mo.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Site?

Your site will take 15 – 45 days to go live, depending on your responses to proofs and our workload.


  1. You choose your preferred design style for the site and sign a development agreement.
  2. We reach out to you for your logo, photos, and other information for the new site.
  3. You sign up for IDX Broker via our partner link.
  4. We create a design proof and send to you for approval.
  5. We create the pages, setup the site with IDX Broker, SEO optimize the site, setup social media autoposting, and your review feed.
  6. Once you approve the completed site, we make your new website live, and provide training on how to use it.
Do I Get To Choose What's On My Site?

Yes! You can provide photos & copy to go on your site, and we will move over the pages & content from your current site if you have one.

What is IDX? What Is IDX Broker?

IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, is a set of technology standards for allowing Real Estate listing data from your realtor board / MLS to be added to your website. Your MLS may offer their own IDX solution, but it usually limited in scope, and may not provide much of a benefit to your site as a result.

IDX Broker is an IDX implementation that transforms your site, allowing for full-screen listings with large photos, quick & easy social sharing buttons, contact information for your office listed first, powerful omnibar search and map search, auto email updates, and a lot more! (Check out the features here)

How Is This Different From My MLS IDX?

MLS IDX solutions are often limited in scope, and “framed.” Meaning that even if your website does offer IDX this way, the user experience is limited. It’s easier for us to show you, feel free to email us at with your website URL and we will evaluate your IDX solution for free!

What Is IDX Broker Platinum?

IDX Broker Platinum offers some great additional features like automatic market reports for your clients & leads, polygon search tools, social logins (your visitors can sign-up to your site with their Facebook or Google account), and more. We typically recommend IDX Broker Lite to start out, since you can always upgrade to Platinum later. (Learn more here)

How Does This Help My Site Rank In Search Engines?

We create 4 dynamic community pages on your website, these will be fully optimized to help you rank as well as possible for searches like “homes in <a city near you>” for sale.” These tell visitors about the community and show listings from the area. Additionally all of your listings & the other listings in your MLS are placed on your website’s domain, which will allow your site to have more pages indexed in search.

Feel free to contact us at and we can explain, it’s a bit technical. Even so, the results speak for themselves, sites with IDX Broker in our portfolio see click-through-rates from search that are 100% higher than sites without.

How Does This Help My Site Perform Better?

Your site will offer a full accounts system, saved searches, automatic emails, map search, and so much more. Essentially any tool your potential leads need will be at their fingertips. This helps drive engagement with your website, by keeping leads locked in with you. Contact us at for a demo!


We’re a digital marketing team in Southwest Virginia. We’ve been creating websites & helpings folks with their digital marketing for over 20 years, and have been offering IDX solutions for almost as long.

Our three pillars are:

  • Responsive and helpful customer service: We respond to emails, calls, and tickets the same-day with few exceptions.
  • Being clear & honest in what you’re getting and how your site is performing.
  • Always learning & striving to deliver value, our team are certified by Google Digital Garage and Yoast SEO in digital marketing & SEO services, and we constantly improve our services for you.

Design Choices

You get a ton of choice in the look your site will have. Below are the templates you have to choose from for this offer. We will customize them to add your logo, and match your colors and branding.

These demos show how your site will look, for a full list of pages & features please contact us at, we are including up to 21 pages in this offer!

For a completely custom site, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Open Floor Plan

Curb Appeal


Must See

Picture Perfect

Move-In Ready

Prime Location

We're Here To Help

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