In early May 2020, Google announced Web Vitals. This is a new set of metrics created by Google for use by webmasters & website owners. These metrics are focused on real-world indicators of good user experience.

“Google is going to use these new metrics — combined with existing experience ranking factors, to help with ranking pages.”

Yoast SEO –

What Does It Mean For Your Website?

If your website is optimized to load quickly, is easy to navigate, and doesn’t take long to become “interactive,” then you’re all good!

What If My Website Scores Poorly?

If your website scores poorly on a web vitals test, it may mean you need technical SEO. Essentially, an experienced developer would need to analyze your site and figure out how to get it to pass the test.

Technical SEO includes many things like making the page load faster, optimizing the size of pictures, deferring loading of pictures, scripts, and styles (while keeping “above-the-fold” content looking good, since user’s don’t like when a page “jumps around” while loading).

What If I Have a PRONETS Website?

If you have a PRONETS website, then you’re well on your way. Our newest sites include SEO optimizations that focus on elements of technical and content SEO.

As well, we can perform an in-depth pass of SEO for you. There are compromises when doing this, certain design elements on your site may change, but it can further boost your performance in search engines, and most importantly ensure things are working as best as possible for your customers & prospects.

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