Renegade Cycles Logo (not designed by PRONETS)

Project Highlights

We brought this dynamic & complex website to life in just 40 days. Creating a full design, going through several design proofs, and working with the client the entire way. As well, we handled all of the data entry, created 8 full pages, and setup custom styles & animations to make it stand above the rest.

Fullscreen Animated Panoramic Image

This panoramic image fills the screen & scrolls automatically when you’re not interacting with it. Yet, when you hover over it, it zooms out to show the entire image (not pictured here). This element is awesome for showing the full-scale of a panoramic image!

E-Commerce: Selling Apparel

Simple to navigate, and simple to read. Our e-commerce integrations focus on getting potential customers engaged as quickly as possible! Clean, easy navigation, and pictures-first.

Animated Home Page Call-to-Actions

Throughout the site you can find the organized and clean top-navigation. As well, on the home page we highlight the most important services upfront. We take the vibrant pictures and add navigation on top, then use animated fades to keep them readable!