A part of my role here at PRONETS that I’m especially proud of is getting to help expand our web hosting package. We offer a service that is above and beyond regular run-of-the-mill hosting. Our goal as a website host is to offer a complete solution with as much of the administrative busywork of a website eliminated.

Which is why we handle software updates, backups, servers, and all the other parts that our clients can’t or don’t want to manage. Plus our support doesn’t stop there, we also do our very best to keep up with industry trends. So that we can offer the best advice on making your websites better! Basically, what I’m getting at here is that we don’t stop at just hosting our websites.

Which is why we’re proud to introduce a new help feature to our websites!

Our New Help Widget

The new help widget is super simple! On the administrative dashboard and on some other pages on your website you’ll see a new widget titled “Need Help?” This widget contains links and information that is specific to your website.

For example, on the PRONETS website it looks like this:

The great thing is it adapts to your site. If you have ecommerce features, an event calendar, or other features it will show help for those as well!

As you can see, our new widget offers tons of great resources on how to manage and use the features that your website has. We hope that this new feature will help you to use your website more effectively!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form, by email at info@pronetsweb.com, or by phone 276-236-8226 x 1007.

From Around The Web

Finally, I’d like to conclude this article with some interesting reading! Below are some resources for how to make the most of your website!

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy the new features on our websites! 

Have a great day!

Zachary Richey
Senior Web Developer