Your Website Is Not Secure: Important Google Chrome Update In July 2018

The change discussed in this article came into effect in late July 2018 and will affect how your websites show up to visitors to your website. It could affect how people perceive your website, and could impact whether someone will stay on your website, contact you via a form, and order from you via ecommerce. We recommend having your website upgraded to use HTTPS. Please contact us to learn more.

Google Chrome, the top web browser on the Internet today, has recently begun showing HTTP pages on websites as NOT SECURE in July 2018. When you visit a page that is not using HTTPS – the secure version of HTTP- it shows a warning next to the page URL in Google Chrome. When you click the warning you get a message informing you to not enter sensitive information on the website. This message alerts folks to not enter credit card numbers, contact information, and other information on the website.

Don’t want your website to show up as “Not Secure?” Contact us at or 276-236-8226 x 1007 and we can fix this issue on your website.

Why is this happening?

Google is encouraging websites to use HTTPS as part of a goal to have encryption everywhere. This leads to a more secure web since attackers can’t intercept and change web pages that are using HTTPS. Adding HTTPS to a site requires an SSL certificate, which verifies your domain and website when using HTTPS.

Does this affect my PRONETS website?

If your website shows “Not Secure” in the URL bar when you visit your home page, then this does affect your website. Even if your website does not collect sensitive information, having an SSL certificate can improve your website’s appearance in search engines, especially as Google considers it when ranking websites. As well it improves confidence in the legitimacy of your website and business, and displays a green padlock on your URL bar in most cases.

How to fix this issue on your website?

We can add an SSL certificate to your website and convert it to use HTTPS everywhere. Just contact us by emailing or calling 276-236-8226 x 1007.