DNS what? MX record where?  Domain name registration and management can be a tricky thing if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing. That’s where PRONETS comes in handy.  We can register your domain name for you and make sure it’s pointed in all the correct places. We’ll make sure your domain name never expires and you’ll always own your domain name. We just manage it for you!

Features and Benefits of registering your domain name with PRONETS:

  • All maintenance concerning the domain name is included with your yearly registration. These services include:
    • initial name server configuration
    • Contact information configuration
    • Domain name transfer tasks
    • Registration and Renewal consultation
  • One (1) forwarding email address per domain name that forwards to the email address of your choice.

Service Pricing for Single Domain Names (.com, .co, .info, .net, .org and more!)

Registration Length Cost Cost per Year
1 year $35.00 $35.00
2 years $65.00 $32.50
3 years $90.00 $30.00
4 years $112.00 $28.00
5 years $125.00 $25.00
6 years $144.00 $24.00
7 years $161.00 $23.00
8 years $168.00 $21.00
9 years $180.00 $20.00
10 years $190.00 $19.00

Note: Additional discounts available for multiple domain registrations. Contact us for more information.

Where do I find forms for email additions, new domain registrations and DNS changes?