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We make mass email marketing easy, with quick & uncomplicated mass emails, customized for your business, created from your Website and Facebook. For more details see our flyer below:

Mobile-Friendly Sites & Search Engines

Did you know that Google prefers websites that are mobile-friendly and will give them priority in the search engines? That means it’s more important now than ever to have a responsive web presence. You can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page to check your site, or contact us for more information.

Is Your Website Responsive & Mobile Friendly?

A huge component of the modern web experience is mobility. Does your site render properly (and attractively) on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices? Does the end user have to scroll to see all your content? Does your navigation function correctly? Is the text too small, are the links too close to comfortably tap since you’re working in a touch screen environment? Google Developers has a great mobile friendly test page where you can test your site.

Responsiveness is another consideration – does your website render across a variety of monitor sizes and resolutions? Quirktools offers Screenify, a nifty tool to test how your site looks across a variety of platforms (desktop, laptop, mobile, television) and resolutions. This is a great way to see how the rest of the world views your website from the comfort of your desk.

PRONETS can help you achieve all of your responsive & mobile goals for your website. We are just dripping with experience & ready to get to work for you today! Please call 276-236-8226; Extension 1007 for a FREE CONSULTATION.